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Explore our world of contemporary artisan jewelry, expertly crafted in 925 sterling silver, featuring an array of styles from minimalist elegance to bold statement pieces.

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Amebelle® - Textured Starfish EarringsAmebelle® - Textured Starfish Earrings
Amebelle® - Pleated Textured RingAmebelle® - Pleated Textured Ring
Amebelle® - Minimalist Double Tiered RingAmebelle® - Minimalist Double Tiered Ring
Amebelle® - Twist Satin Brushed BangleAmebelle® - Twist Satin Brushed Bangle
Amebelle® - Matte Asymmetric Wave BangleAmebelle® - Matte Asymmetric Wave Bangle
Amebelle® - Slim Textured BangleAmebelle® - Slim Textured Bangle
Amebelle® - Textured Rock BOLD Statement BangleAmebelle® - Textured Rock BOLD Statement Bangle
Amebelle® - Minimalist Double Tiered BangleAmebelle® - Minimalist Double Tiered Bangle
Amebelle® - Olive Green Lava Textured EarringsAmebelle® - Olive Green Lava Textured Earrings
Amebelle® - Elisa EarringAmebelle® - Elisa Earring