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Mokumegane Twisted Bangle (4mm)

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Mokumegane (日本語: 木目金) is a Japanese metalworking procedure which produces a mixed-metal laminate with distinctive layered patterns. Mokumegane translates closely to "wood grain metal" or "wood eye metal" and describes the way metal takes on the appearance of natural wood grain.

Mokumegane fuses several layers of differently coloured precious metals together to form a sandwich of alloys called a "billet." The billet is then manipulated in such a way that a pattern resembling wood grain emerges over its surface. Numerous ways of working the Mokumegane create diverse pattens. Once the metal has been rolled into a sheet or bar, several techniques are used to produce a range of effects.

Though Mokumegane metalworking technique was first developed in 17th century Japan for the production of swords, the craft is today mostly used 
in the production of jewellery and hollowware.

Materials -

  • 925 Sterling Silver, Artisan Grade Copper
  • Grey Palladium-plated
  • ** Bangle is slightly adjustable (+/- 4cm) to fit wrist size.